In verband met de landelijke maatregelen coronavirus zijn alle voorstellingen t/m 20 april 2021 afgelast.
Bezoekers met een kaartje worden zo spoedig mogelijk per e-mail geïnformeerd over de mogelijkheden restitutie.
Livestreams in deze periode gaan wel door.
De kassa en het kantoor van Theater Ins Blau is tot nader order gesloten.
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THeatre workshop Theater Ins Blau

The production house at Theater Ins Blau is first and foremost focused on those theatre groups and artists who produces physical theatre/mime and related forms of theatre. We look for artists who work from movement. We prefer those forms which are aimed at the cross roads of theatre and performance. Theater Ins Blau wants to stimulate artists to come outside, away from the theatre course, to take to the road. Theatre in unusual locations is an extra area of attention, in which crossovers are used with other disciplines such as art and film. Each maker will present the result of the process, either in the studio or in the main auditorium of Theater Ins Blau, or in a special location in The Netherlands.

The collaboration between Theater Ins Blau and the maker can have several forms. Theater Ins Blau creates the conditions within which the maker can work to their full potential. Dependent on the wishes of the maker, Theater Ins Blau can offer support at artistic, marketing and production level. Studiospace and technical facilities are available.