Jelena Kostic

How it Ends


  • Tuesday
  • 10 /11 November
  • 20:30 Hour
  • Sold out

Choreography: Jelena Kostić
Music: Dyane Donck
Dance: Noëmi Wagner, Blazej Jasinski

Gripping dance performance about dealing with obstacles

Two dancers populate the playing field. They each have a clear goal in mind, but the road to it is filled with obstacles, both physical and mental. A poignant performance about the need for flexibility, perseverance and cooperation.

In HOW IT ENDS the dancers are not only confronted with each other, but also with a setting full of life-size dominoes. In this way the Dutch-Serbian choreographer Jelena Kostić brings the spontaneity and capriciousness of life to the dance floor. In the most literal sense of the word, the blocks, with their unpredictable behaviour, throw up obstacles.
Jelena Kostić uses the body as the ultimate narrative instrument in a dance language full of contrasts and emotions. For HOW IT ENDS she found inspiration in free running, a genre within urban dance in which the dancers relate to different obstacles and elements in their environment.

Personal experiences as a motor
The starting point for HOW IT ENDS was Jelena’s interest in the workings of focus and tunnel vision, something she herself has often had to deal with in her career as a dancer and choreographer. Perseverance, trial and error, getting up, starting all over again and sometimes giving up. As part of her research for this performance, Jelena spoke with not only professional athletes and dancers, but also with women in top positions. These concrete, personal stories were the driving force behind a performance that is ultimately about universal and recognisable human experiences.

Film - My Own Worst Enemy
In trying to achieve something, sometimes you are your own biggest obstacle. In the short dance film My Own Worst Enemy, Jelena and film director Harrie Verbeek explore the psychological processes involved. Dancer Noëmie Wagner portrays the struggling protagonist in various symbolic situations.