Frascati Producties/La Isla Bonita

De Managers


6 May
20:30 hour

Director: Suze Milius

With: Luit Bakker, Milou van Duijnhoven, Mirthe Labree, Aukje Schaafsma en Lisa Schamlé

Live meeting with La Isla Bonita: on the body language of power
How do we talk to each other now, in 2019? Performance collective La Isla Bonita get together around the table. In a world of bespoke suits, flip-overs, pet peeves, PowerPoint presentations and expensive bottles of mineral water, five white managers meet in a rented space.

So what are we going to do about the world, mankind, the business, this team, the product presentation next week Tuesday? Is man – sorry, humanity – capable of coming up with meaningful solutions around a table? La Isla Bonita discuss dissenting alternatives to a world dominated by guerrilla tactics, manipulation, phallocentrism and mansplaining. A hilarious, harrowing production about power and all its rituals.

La Isla Bonita
La Isla Bonita’s work is highly visual, associative, socially critical but also accessible and cheeky, and has a great sense of humour. The members of the group all graduated in Theatrical Performance at Toneelacademie Maastricht institute of performative arts in 2015 with La Isla Bonita. They then went on to create Dogs of War (Parade, 2016) and La Lucha Libre (2017), a wrestling show that grappled in an infectious way with all kinds of clichés about women, men and sex. In December 2018 they presented Atlantis (directed by Paul van der Laan), in which five hydro-feminist mermaids exposed the (underwater) world using a huge flipper. 


De Managers

“Het vijfkoppige vrouwelijke performancecollectief La Isla Bonita is een van de interessantste jonge toneelgroepen van nu. De leuke, expressieve spelers weten lichamelijkheid en présence creatief te paren aan maatschappelijk engagement.”

De Volkskrant

De Managers

“De vijf performers van La Isla Bonita werken sinds hun gelijknamige afstudeervoorstelling uit 2015 gestaag aan een sterk oeuvre van fysiek theater met maatschappelijke relevantie.”

Het Parool

De Managers

“Verwarrend, veelzijdig, verontrustend én geestig.”


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