Don't Hit Mama

Hip Hop Hoera The Remix (4+)


4 April
15:00 hour

Director: Honey Eavis

Choreography: Honey Eavis i.s.m. de dansers

Following on from the mega success of Hip Hop Hoera!, Don’t Hit Mama is now putting their hit from 2016 through The Remix. Three phenomenal urban dancers shake and groove in a humorous hip hop production all about you, me and we. Who am I, who are you, and can we form a group? Exploring friendship, being yourself and being different.
With funky moves and fun animations, the dancers lead us through a playful adventure. But Hip Hop Hoera The Remix is anything but childish. Hip hop classics boom from the speakers, and for parents the kid-proof samples will be a trip down memory lane. Strong and cheerful, this production doesn’t shy away from showing emotion. And of course, at the finale of Hip Hop Hoera The Remix the children can get up and dance themselves!

‘With the humorous Hip Hop Hoera, Honey Eavis proves that hip hop is also a highly suitable dance form for younger children.’ – Theaterkrant on Hip Hop Hoera

In Hip Hop Hoera The Remix, choreographer Honey Eavis takes her hit show to the next level. The Remix is an upgraded version of 2016’s original. Together with the dancers, she brings greater depth and meaning to this hip hop production,  exaggerating the differences even more. Hip Hop Hoera The Remix focuses even more on friendship than the original. ‘It’s important to me that younger children in particular are made aware that together you are stronger. You are never really alone. Look around you – your friends are there for you!’


Hip Hop Hoera The Remix (4+)

“Honey Eavis toont met het grappige Hip Hop Hoera dat hiphop ook een hele geschikte dansstroming voor jongere kinderen is. – Theaterkrant over Hip Hop Hoera”


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