Giulio D' Anna



19 December
20:30 hour

Choreography: Giulio D’Anna

Music: Maarten Bokslag met Tom Nestlaar

With: Kristin de Groot en Piet Rogie

PANORAMA begins where fairy-tales end, ‘…and they lived happily ever after…’

Choreographer Giulio D’Anna places a couple in the centre: Kristin de Groot and Piet Rogie, well known Dutch dance artists and life partners for 25 years.
Their duet revolves around the passion and the struggle, the fun, the doubts and the desires of people who have shared their lives for a long time: a fluid and touching movement language inspired by AcroYoga, ballroom and modern dance. Their movements create a landscape of memories and dialogues. Their bodies balance, intertwine, collide and balance again in front of a cinematographic projection that invites the spectator to look closely at the intimacy of the performers.

Human relations have always been the subject of Giulio D’Anna's works. Previously he created Parkin’Son (2012-Dioraphte Prize), a very intimate duet with his father, and the postmodern dance-musical O O O O O O O O (2013- nomination Swan) in which eight young dancers share their personal stories of broken relationships and damaged intimacy.

“Space is what you can pass in a given time
while time is what you need to pass”
(Z. Bauman)

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