Jens van Daele's Burning Bridges

Nachthexen IV: Battre


1 April
20:30 hour

Director: Jens van Daele

Choreography: Jens van Daele i.s.m. de spelers

Music: Greg Smith & Richard van Kruysdijk

With: Patricia van Deutekom & Marijn van der Sande

NachtHexen IV: Battre, the fourth unmissable dance concert in Jens van Daele's Night Witches cycle, is an energetic, powerful, yet calming performance featuring haunting live music and a poetic touch that strikes at the heart of the spectator, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

Under the motto ‘stories about strong women in tough times’, Jens van Daele | Burning Bridges is a cycle based mainly around what were known as the Russian Night Witches, a group of female resistance fighter pilots in World War II. Its recurring themes include courage, perseverance, compassion and regret.

After NachtHexen I: Jeanne, NachtHexen II: La Parisienne, NachtHexen III: MOI, we now bring NachtHexen IV: Battre to the stage. This new creation is a complete remake of the Battre le Fer/Battre le Noir performance from 2010, which achieved resounding success. In its original form, it played to glowing reviews and great success in Italy, Canada, Wales, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. This powerful dance concert was only seen in part in the Netherlands, but this season will change all of that!

NachtHexen IV: Battre is about an eternal struggle and the indiscriminate application of the notion of 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'. It features a cutting-edge dance duel, in which the two female dancers never give each other an inch, fighting iron with iron. Two equal forces in a tooth-and-nail battle. It is a performance that culminates in a draw. Ultimately, there are only losers here. This eternal message has particular poignancy in today’s world. But NachtHexen IV: Battre still conceals a glimmer of hope. Eventually, a small white flag is raised, heralding the realization that it is pointless to try to fight each other.

Alongside lovers of dance, NachtHexen IV: Battre is also particularly suitable for music and theatre fans.

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