Plan D

Roest (6+)


9 May
15:00 hour

With: Andreas Denk, Josephine van Rheenen, Guy Corneille

Things are fine here. We’ve made our own rules and laws and it’s working. Here, we can let our quirkiness run free, build, dance, dream. And if that in itself wouldn’t be enough, piles of beautiful rubbish are being dumped here all the time. Such richness.

In this micro-society, kept inhabitable with creativity and fantasy, the inhabitants are being flooded by the abundance from the outside world. Things and ideas enter the arena that make it more and more complicated to move freely and to be yourself. What can rescue this world from coming to a standstill?

Plan-d and De Dansers are joining forces for a performance that puts quirkiness in the limelight. Three artistic directors take the stage and take with them: a strong urge to move, slapstick, theatrical and musical ingenuity, acrobatic poetry and an unstoppable desire to build something from all the rubbish we find. With this, they create an involved story about life in a world full of materialism, information overload and social expectations. Because when the outside world claims your private life with selfies and Facebook, where do you keep your quirkiness?

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