WArd/waRD - Ann van den Broek

Zooming in on Loss


26 October
20:30 hour

Director: Ann Van den Broek

Choreography: Ann Van den Broek

Music: Nicolas Rombouts en Gregory Frateur

With: Louis Combeaud, Marion Bosetti en Gregory Frateur

" Prepare yourself. Prepare yourself, prepare! Prepare yourself to handle it. Handle it! “

Zooming In on Loss is Ann Van den Broek’s second production in the triptych, The Memory Loss Collection; a project consisting of a research phase and the creation of three successive productions inspired by the theme memory loss. The preparatory research into the different forms that memory loss can take and the phases in which memory loss manifests itself is what the first production, Blueprint on Memory, was based on. This production literally sketches out the blueprint of memory and the effects of its deterioration. Blueprint on Memory had its premiere in October 2018 and received many excellent reviews.

The second production, Zooming In on Loss, focuses on the internal struggle between individuals and their social environment. With on the one hand the realization that one’s memory is fading and, on the other hand, losing control over that process. All the emotions surrounding loss such as rage and frustration, sadness and pain, resignation and indifference, are all present here. Onlookers experience layers of feelings that are slowly unveiled. Various perspectives that were developed in the first production are used in the development of Zooming in on Loss and will be included in this performance in condensed form. The audience is standing round the performers which gives Zooming In on Loss a large measure of intensity and intimacy.

Zooming In on Loss is set up as an experiment and a challenge since it takes place in a space measuring 1.80 by 1.80 meters. The dancers must operate within this spatial installation, which will be the first time this experimental set-up is used. With these restrictions the dancers must find out how far and how compact they can go, how much freedom of movement can be sacrificed and how much intensity can be won.

Zooming In on Loss is a multidisciplinary production in which video, an installation, performance, sound, the spoken word and emotional expressions are blended together. Dark, physical and penetrating as is customary in Ann Van den Broek’s inimitable style. Familiar yet alienating, but zoom in and the limitations disappear. Clarity is forever swept away by a state of disorientation, confusion, chaos and madness. Repetition in behavior and patterns, uncoordinated movements, and the loss of recognition fill the space.

The Memory Loss Collection
For The Memory Loss Collection project Ann Van den Broek researched the theme of memory loss. Using her own personal experience as a starting point, she wants to draw attention to a subject that is becoming increasingly important. She does this by creating performances, giving workshops, and introductions and connections with social organizations. The third and last production in the series, with the overall title of Memory Loss, will premiere in 2020.


Zooming in on Loss

“De symboliek is even kraakhelder als beklemmend, maar zonder één seconde larmoyant te worden. Zeker degenen die de impact van dementie en Alzheimer van dichtbij hebben meegemaakt, zullen veel herkennen. Imposant en aangrijpend bewegingstheater.”


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