Jelena Kostic

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Thu 28 November 2024

20:30 Hour

normaal € 20.00

CJP/Student € 12.50




In her latest newest dance production Unease, choreographer Jelena Kostić explores different forms of human discomfort: physical, mental and social. What do we as humans feel the urge to look away from? What situations do we prefer to avoid? Why do we value comfort and ease, and what happens when we actually enter into a state of discomfort and embrace what we encounter there? 

Unease begins in the foyer of the theatre, where performers twist and turn and assume uncomfortable poses that are in stark contrast to those of the audience. Then, the audience is led into a specially organised theatrical space where the dancers show the audience, in an immersive and intimate choreography, how embracing discomfort can actually lead to surprising experiences, growth and new insights. 

Choreographer Jelena Kostić is known for her visually and physically powerful style that explores the courage and fallibility of human beings. With every movement she creates, she challenges our notions of success, happiness and fear. In Unease, she has her audience move around space(s) as her dancers try to get under their skin. An intimate, immersive and thought-provoking experience with influences from psychological thrillers. 




Concept & Choreografie: Jelena Kostić 
Dansers: Blazej Jasinski, Noëmi Wagner, Tijmen Teunissen, Fleur Roks 
Scenografie: Davy van Gerven 
Lichtontwerp: Bart Verzellenberg
Dramaturgie: Lou Cope
Artistiek advies & repetitor: Judit Ruiz Onandi