In verband met de landelijke maatregelen coronavirus zijn alle voorstellingen t/m 20 april 2021 afgelast.
Bezoekers met een kaartje worden zo spoedig mogelijk per e-mail geïnformeerd over de mogelijkheden restitutie.
Livestreams in deze periode gaan wel door.
De kassa en het kantoor van Theater Ins Blau is tot nader order gesloten.
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Theater Ins Blau

Theater Ins Blau is the flat-floor theater in Leiden. The theater offers a varied program with drama, cabaret, dance, youth theater, music theater and much more. In addition, local dance schools, the Jeugdtheater School Leiden and many others offer dance lessons, theater lessons and workshops in the studios.

The theater has a comfortbale bar and foyer where the public can enjoy a drink before or after the performance.

In September 2012 Theater Ins Blau opened its doors at Haagweg.

Theater Ins Blau's mission is to be the connection between theater as an art form (in the broadest sense of the word), the practitioners (amateur or professional) of this art form and the public.

To carry out this mission, Theater Ins Blau chooses to be like a spider in the web. By programming performances, the connection is made between artists and audience. By bringing artists together in the Makershuis, mutual ties are forged. By actively seeking dialogue with the city and its inhabitants, Theater Ins Blau becomes a theater of, for and by the city.

Investments were made in sustainability in 2016. A night out at Theater Ins Blau is now sustainable thanks to the LED lights in the hall.