Theater Ins Blau has a Cultural ANBI-status (under RSIN 53.62.726). ANBI is the Ducth equivalent of charitable status. This means you receive tax benefit when you donate money to Theater Ins Blau.

From 1 January 2012 donors of cultural ANBIs get an 'extragiftenaftrek'. Individuals are allowed to deduct 1,25 times the amount of the donation when they file their income tax. Businesses which pay 'vennootschapsbelasting' are allowed to deduct 1,5 times the amount of the donation when they file their 'vennootschapsbelasting'.


For individuals the amount of the donation will be increased by 25% for the tax deducation, 'giftenaftrek'.

Fopr example:
You donate                                     € 1000
Your tax deduction                          € 1250
Fiscal rebate at 52%                       € 650
In real terms you pay                     € 350



The total amount of tax deductable donation for a business can be 50% of the fiscal profit, which a maximum of € 100.000. Businesses can deduct 1,5 times the amount of the donation for the 'vennootschapsbelasting'.

For both income tax and 'vennootschapsbelasting' the rule applies that the maximum donation is € 5.000. If you donate more than € 5.000 per annum to cultural organisations, the extra amount is still tax-deductable, but without the multiplier.


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