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Underneath the MattreSSS

Bianca Casaburi

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Underneath the MattreSSS

Concept, performance en muziek: Bianca Casaburi

Van 4 december t/m 28 januari neemt de interdisciplinaire dance company Teddy Shouldn't Smoke zijn intrek in ons Makershuis Kaserne Blau. Tijdens deze periode geven ze meerdere keren een publiekspresentatie waarbij iedereen welkom is. 
Ook nodigen zij andere makers, die verbonden zijn aan Teddy Shouldn't Smoke, uit die tijdens deze momenten eigen werk presenteren. 

Op 13 december is dat Bianca Casaburi met haar solo Underneath the MattreSSS.

“Underneath the MattreSSS” is a solo created and performed by Bianca Casaburi. The title is a metaphor for all the aspects of our personality we consciously decide to hide from the surface. All the thoughts, behaviours and emotions we fight the urge to show, but that are still very present and persistent in our life.

“Underneath the MattreSSS” is the monsters we become when we are alone. The monsters that we fear and escape from in our nightmares. 
This solo is the first attempt from Bianca to embody and portray the ‘inability of healing’. The inability to heal from our own humanity and its own traumas which are, indeed, a huge presence in our psychological and physiological nature. Our nature as human beings carries the existence of a subconscious layer with its own life and rules; it influences our decisions and behaviours more than we want to acknowledge and/or accept. 

“Underneath the MattreSSS” is the first solo performance from Bianca where she addresses issues connected to mental health and subconsciousness, using strong contrasting images and symbols; after almost one year of research on the matter, where she mainly focused on Carl Gustav Jung’s psychological studies, her purpose is to continue with it and to further develop her concept. 

Let op: Deze voorstelling is op locatie in Kaserne Blau, Gooimeerlaan 25, 2317 JZ Leiden


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