Adams Apple

Adam Fields

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Wo 14 Mei 2025

20:30 Uur

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Adams Apple

Ever since leaving the garden of Eden, Adam has asked himself: How tasty was that apple anyway? Why are snakes so sneaky? How did that fig leaf actually stay on? Is a relation-ship with Eve worth losing a rib for? If he had two sons, where did everyone else come from? And if the apple is the fruit of wisdom, why do iPhones make us dummer? 

Adam Fields dives into these questions and more in his hilarious standup comedy show ‘Adam’s Apple’. 

WARNING: there will be no nudity in this show. 

Originally from London, now resident in Amsterdam, Adam Fields brings laughter to international audiences with his animated style and typical British humor. 
He has performed in numerous countries from Norway to South Africa, and from the USA to Indonesia. His style has been described as a curious mix of sophisticated Brit and English hooligan.  

Adam is a veteran of the Dutch and European comedy circuits and a club regular at the Comedy Café Amsterdam and Utrecht. He often supports some of the biggest global names in standup comedy including Jack Dee, Marc Maron, Jim Gaffigan and Russell Peters.
Adam has made several appearances on various Dutch TV and radio programmes, and is now regarded as ‘de nationale excuus Brit’.  
He will be performing his one-man-show ‘Adam’s Apple’ in the Netherlands in 2025. 

Let op: Deze show is in het Engels